Do you know what to expect

when you're expecting ?

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion but the road is not always smooth.

A variety of medical conditions can occur along the way - which are all too easily missed.

My Prognosis : Pregnancy gives you an in-depth understanding of these issues, via real-world stories presented in a cartoon format.

Learn key facts

know what the warning signs are

Aimed at expecting moms, dads and family, the app communicates key facts of each health condition, and informs you of the important warning signs that may indicate a serious underlying problem.

Explore each condition

and see how it might turn out

While learning about each condition, the app allows you to explore the potential outcomes and learn how to react to different developments.

This empowers you to quickly make the BEST choice for you or your loved one in case of an emergency or promptly spot any changes during and after pregnancy without waiting till its too late.

Referenced against guidelines

and checked by experts

Each story has been checked by expert obstetricians and has also been referenced against the current guidelines for treatment proposed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.